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Victorious - Tori & Jade's Playdate - Tori and Jade's story

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. When Chase knew that a group of German Shepherds are gonna attack Adventure Bay, the Paw Patrol, the Super Sentai Rangers and more characters from animated and live action shows need to get ready to fight and need more help with other creatures. Jade has been let go by the person she loved. Tori wants to try her hand at friendship one more time.

In the throes of heartbreak, can something new be discovered? Jade and Beck have always been different. Their relationship has always been unique and electric, a spectacle. This collection of non-chronological oneshots explores their unique dynamic.

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A year of drabbles inspired by literally hundreds of prompts, one written every day and uploaded as soon as I finish editing them in most cases.

A little more goes down between Tori and Mason Thornesmith during the platinum music awards prep and Beck is there to help her through it. She may even gain an unlikely ali, and dare I say friend, in the process of picking herself back up again. She's going to need all the support she can get.

When Tori gets kidnapped on her way home from Nozu, jade steps up, opens up- her heart and about her past, letting down her walls Tori tries to befriend the new kid at Hollywood Arts while working through complicated feelings for two of her friends.

Victorious - tori and jade secretly dating After beck oliver and beck and tori video - archive with beck story. I snapped back to hang out my other fans. A/N: fiction k - a tori is in einem hollywood arts; and beck and j/ade. Wattpad fanfic rec post so fun time to be able to beck in to date, unfortunately that's sort. Victorious - tori and beck dating - Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating . Cat is dating Robbie! - Jade" I sent it. Beck's POV. I got a text from Jade. I whispered it to Andre and we smirked at each other. We hadn't gotten Robbie to crack. We showed Robbie the phone. "That's probably just Jade messing with you. I'm not dating anyone." Said Robbie. Robbie's POV. I got a text from Cat. "I'm sorry Robbie, but Tori and.

What was supposed to be just another semester ends up changing her life. When Jade's father kicks her out of the house for coming out to him as bisexual, she finds herself at Tori Vega's front door of all places in the world. She is looking for acceptance and comfort, but she finds a lot more than that later down this painful road.

After Jade West is mistakenly chosen to be a contestant on the newest season of The Bachelor, she has one goal: get eliminated as soon as possible and go home without making an impression on anyone.

But her plan seem to take a turn in the wrong direction as the newest bachelor, Beck Oliver, seems to have another idea. After a night of winning big at the Oscars, they decide to ditch the after-parties and celebrate privately in their new home. I looked at Beck and he looked back. We nodded slowly at each other and began texting.

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Finally school was over. I got home and started setting up right away. I grabbed every pillow and blanket of mine and shoved them into the living room to make it comfortable.

TV Shows Victorious. Follow/Fav Jori: We are a secret. By: Paperball. Jori fanfic. Plays out during their high-school years. "Jade!" The sound of Tori's voice stops me in my tracks. I don't feel like speaking to her, I never do. The thought of seeing her in detention for the rest of the week makes me shiver out of sheer unpleasantness. I. They all went to Sikowitz class. Tori almost got hit with a ball. Andre caught her before she could fall. Once again Tori sits by Andre, Beck sits by Jade, and Cat sits by Robbie and Rex. Tori and Andre were holding hands behind the chair secretly. That's why its called secret dating. Victorious - tori and jade dating - Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you.

I set out a few bowls of candy. We watch TV for the first half an hour since we didn't want to get right up into the gossip kind of things.

The problem is that Tori keeps a secret that is not getting out any soon. Tori snaps but what will happen from there? Tori Vega; Jade West; Jori (Victorious) Summary. Tori has a dilemma, and she turns to Jade. he finds himself in a situation he'd really like to not be in, but can't get out of. In which Tori and Jade are secretly dating. Thanks to Jay aka Jordan for your review to 'Jade Shares Her Secret With Tori'. It influenced me, along with SKRowling's 'If I Only Had A ' and 'On The Flipside' fics, to write an alternate version of 'Jade's Secret' where Tori is g!p. If you haven't read any of SKRowling's fics, especially the two mentioned above and their sequels, I recommend it. All Tori wants is for Jade to leave her alone, not to mention the weird feelings she gets when around Jade. The problem is that Tori keeps a secret that is not getting out any soon. Tori snaps but what will happen from there? Series. Victorious RPF (4) Zoey (4) Include Characters Jade West Tori Vega Beck Oliver .

How about Cat? Oh my God. The were going to try and force anything out of me. We can tell she's lying about something.

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We had spent over 2 more hours and neither of them had cracked yet. It was alreadybut we had a feeling that Cat would spill soon. I got a text from Jade. I whispered it to Andre and we smirked at each other. We hadn't gotten Robbie to crack.

We showed Robbie the phone. I feel really bad, but they said it was obvious.

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Robbie is with the boys. We didn't want to see you struggle anymore. We got there in fifteen minutes. I got out and walked to the front door. I was so cold. When Beck answered he brought the outs outside. I had stepped back a few steps. Then I saw Robbie. I run towards him, we hug, he picks me up off of the ground for a few seconds. We look into each others eyes and go in for a passionate kiss in the pouring rain.

The kiss lasted very long. In the middle of it I heard Tori play the song "Sparks Fly".

I felt so free, so alive, so happy that I didn't have to hide my love towards Robbie anymore. We stayed there kissing, and we didn't stop. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Victorious. Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious. They're due on Tuesday. I like your's too. So did you get me that hat I asked for for the film? Tori's POV I was at home, making the main prop for our movie, the "stabolin", and I had been thinking that Cat and Robbie were acting differently around each other for a while now.

This is so going on TheSlap! That's NOT cool. She should me her Slap page and sure enough she had followers. And there she went listing off reasons of why she's "so" great. I am so much more popular than you! Cat's POV We were getting ready to work on the movie when Tori burst through the door carrying a box. I swooned at that. I finished doing Robbie's makeup and I put his glasses on him, we smiled, and walked over there.

Jade walked over to the computer to get on TheSlap. Robbie started over to the door. But I knew later on I would need to get more followers, just not now. We headed out the doorway.

Victorious - Tori & Jade's Playdate - Tori and Jade's story

I'll make sure no one finds out. Cat's POV I tweeted 1, things that night. Then everyone turned on me. I grabbed a trombone and blew into it.

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He beat me to it. No one's POV Cat was talking to Robbie and the others were in a small group on the other side of the room, occasionally looking back at them. Tori, Andre, Beck, and Jade were talking on the other side of the room. Beck and I will keep in touch during the sleepovers. Tori's POV The next day at school we were showing our screening of our movie, Socks and Violins, and it turned out horrible. Girl's night sleepover at my house tonight.

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Be there by ! Sounds like fun! Tonight we will find out! We sit down and start watching TV, waiting for Cat to get here. I go and answer the door. She brought her purple giraffe. Great idea, I think. I knew it. Jade put an evil smile on her face. Cat's POV "Cat, are you dating anyone? Jade and Tori spent half an hour trying to make me crack but I wouldn't.

Andre and I tried to make him crack, but he wouldn't. Tori's POV We had spent over 2 more hours and neither of them had cracked yet. Just tell us who. I knew it! It was but I didn't care.

Victorious fanfiction tori and jade secretly dating

Cat is dating Robbie! I'm not dating anyone. Beck and Andre smiled.

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