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Top 10 Funniest - Parks and Recreation Moments

In the episode, Leslie is disappointed when Ben rejects her romantic advances, and is surprised when she is matched with Tom in an online dating service. Meanwhile, Ron and Chris have a cook-off to determine which is better: red or lean meat. The episode was written by Alan Yang and directed by Ken Whittingham. The episode featured a guest appearance by stand-up comedian Kirk Fox as sewage department employee Joe , who previously appeared in the second season. Josh Pence , who appeared with Parks co-star Rashida Jones in the film The Social Network , also appeared in "Soulmates" as a man wearing cowboy clothes who dates Ann.

At first, she feels intimidated by Chris' perfection, but after he gets sick with the flu, she is relieved to see that he, too, has his imperfections after he had a mental breakdown.

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She then starts to think Chris is being distant, so Leslie searches through Chris' house when she and Ron are staying there. Upon finding a pink razor and swim cap, Ann shows up and confronts Chris. He's confused, as he claims he broke up with her a week ago. It turns out he did it with such kindness that she never knew their relationship was over. Upset, Ann dyes her hair but then goes out to dinner with Chris to discuss their relationship.

After Chris takes her hand, she thinks their relationship is back on and Chris corrects her.

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She begins to date a lot of different men soon thereafter and acts distant towards Leslie. In response, Leslie appoints Ann as the new Public Relations Director for the Health Department so that they can see each other more often.

At first, Ann is lukewarm about the offer, and the best friends have their first fight. Once they get past it, Ann accepts the job part-time so she can remain at her nursing position.

Chris Traeger

Ann gets closer to Ron and April after she tells them a disgusting medical story. This results from several failed attempts to engage in small talk while they were fact-checking Leslie's book. Ann is again a big supporter in Leslie and Ben getting back together.

She also agrees to help Leslie with her campaign and temporarily becomes her campaign manager. In the episode " Operation Ann ", Leslie tries to help Ann get a date.

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She ends up going out with Tom and has kept the relationship going even though almost everything Tom does makes her shudder in dismay. They then break up. Chris then proceeds to tell Ann that he still has feelings for her, but she shoots him down Tom and Ann drunkenly agree to move in together at the end of the episode " Win, Lose, or Draw ". In Season Five, Tom and Ann have moved in together, but are broken up- they are only living together to win a bet made with Donna.

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After Donna calls their bluff, Ann moves out. After babysitting Diane's kids for a few days, Ann discovers she wants to have a kid of her own. She decides she is tired of waiting for her perfect man and decides to start a family by herself. Ann begins the process of in vitro fertilization and asks Chris Traeger to father her child.

Chris accepted her offer in the episode "Bailout. She and Leslie have reached a new point in their relationship, now that Leslie and Ben are married. In Jerry's Retirement, Chris and Ann get back together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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In season six, Ann becomes pregnant with Chris' child and things are going well in their relationship. While April and Ann travel to Bloomington so that April will tour Veterinary School and Ann will buy baby stuff, Ann gets a "gut instinct" and confides in Chris that she wants to leave Pawnee to raise the baby somewhere else.

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In " Ann and Chris ", a going-away party is thrown for them, incorporating all of the main public holidays throughout the year. They bid a tearful farewell to their friends and leave for Michigan. The two start dating and Chris Traeger makes sure that it is okay with Jerry Gergich.

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Jerry Gergich says that he is fine with the two of them dating, much to Chris Traeger's delight. Ann Perkins tells him that he is too accessible and needs to back off a little bit.

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In " Bowling for VotesMillicent Gergich terminates the relationship, leaving him depressed. In " Operation Ann ", Leslie Knope convinces Chris Traeger that he is still a likeable person and that he should disregard Millicent Gergich's opinion. In the same episode, when Andy Dwyer asks Chris Traeger to sing for him since he is working as a backing vocalist on Andy Dwyer's campaign song for the campaignhe sings " Take Me Out to the Ball Game " out of tune and with the wrong lyrics, causing everyone else there to wince.

His depression is kept at bay through frequent sessions with a therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard. Ann Perkins asks Chris Traeger to be the father of her child via in vitro fertilization. He is hesitant at first and turns to Ben Wyatt and others to help him make a decision.

After " Bailout ", he tells Ann Perkins that he will be the father and the two begin parenting compatibility testing to see how well they will work together with raising a child.

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During " Jerry's Retirement ", they resume a romantic relationship after doing the nasty, but Ann Perkins is not sure if they should continue their relationship the way they are now. In season six, Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger are excited about the prospect of being parents.

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They go to see Dr. Sapersteinwho is Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and Mona Lisa Saperstein's father, for an ultrasound and he gives them a piece of paper bearing the sex of their child. The suspense gets to them, and they open it.

Parks and rec speed dating

However, they are unable to read it. Saperstein arranges another appointment and reveals that they are having a boy. In ' Ann and Chris ', a going away party is thrown for them, incorporating all of the main public holidays throughout the year. Chris Traeger has prepared thoughtful, personalized gifts for all of the men in the Parks Department, which leaves them feeling guilty.

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At the end of the episode, Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger bid a tearful farewell to their friends and leave for Michigan. Ann Perkins states that Chris Traeger was such a good birthing coach that the nurses have asked him to assist with another birth that is taking place in the hospital. Chris Traeger has a Photo Gallery.

Senior Speed Dating at the Cambridge Rec Center

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Parks And Recreation Leslie Online Dating, alistair overeem vs cain velasquez yahoo dating, professor student dating illegal, dating single moment/ Our Department of Parks and Recreation is the only six-time national Gold Medal winner for excellence in parks and recreation management. We continue to strive to give you the best Parks and Recreation services in the country! Office Location: Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Brookshire Blvd Charlotte, NC MAP.

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