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Gaara Learns the Truth! Ino Spills on Shikamaru x Temari - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto stepped into the hospital with a wide grin on his face and bouquet of flowers behind his back. It wasn't often that Naruto and the residents of the Hidden Leaf got a break but right now, they were in a time of peace, and Naruto was going to take full advantage of that by making another gesture towards the love of his life. Even after everything, the blonde haired idiot was still head over heels for Sakura, if anything he had grown even more in love with her. Seeing how strong she had grown after the two years he left and how capable she had become. He hadn't tried to win her affections for a while, seeing as she was deadset on Sasuke, even after he left but a little thing like him wasn't going to make Naruto give up just yet. Besides, who knows, maybe Sakura was starting to get a little fond of him as well. After finding out that she was scheduled to be in room , Naruto wasted no time in looking around for her in the hospital.

Right now the day was going perfectly until they came upon Ichiraku Ramen Bar and heard a bunch of laughter going on inside, especially one they were very familiar with. It's been awhile since we've spent time with Naruto.

Sakura was hesitant at first, mainly because of a secret she didn't want to have Sasuke find out, but nodded anyway since she knew that her boyfriend would be suspicious even more since she has been avoiding Naruto for some reason. When they stepped inside to get a big surprise: Naruto was being kissed right on the lips by one Ino Yamanaka.

Here is my latest story. Originally I was going to make this a one-shot story, but I decided to see how many chapters I can squeeze out of this. I might add one more girl to give to Naruto, or turn it into a harem, after figuring out what girls to use. You may suggest some, but there are two rules if you want to give them: 1. Nobody older then Temari, or younger then Naruto. No Senseis. Read and Review, and please take a look at the forum I've put up recently. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Naruto and Ino are dating due to some bad circumstances caused by a certain pinked-haired individual. She was a little surprised that she took him in all the way on her first try. Thank god she was so wet. You said that there were other guys from around the village.

Besides, isn't it kind of fun that we lost our virginity together. Like a big fuck you to Sakura and Sasuke. Well, more like fuck us but you get it. Naruto still had a look of concern on his face. Ino couldn't helped but be touched that he worried so much but she wasn't going to let him ruin this.

She paused when she got near the top before lowering herself again, the pain being significantly dampened this time but still present. She didn't lower herself all the way again but soon found herself in a slow rhythm of riding Naruto's cock. The pleasure started to overwhelm Naruto again, his worries over her starting to disappear.

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Ino was wet, tight and warm. A killer combination. Once again, he couldn't believe that anything could've felt this good. Ino's pussy wrapped around Naruto's cock tightly, leaving no room to breathe.

It only got better as Ino got deeper. She gradually took more and more of his cock again, the pleasure intensifying with each pass. She began truly riding Naruto slowly, her hands on his well sculpted chest while his cock sank in and out of her tight pussy.

Naruto watched as she rode him, her dress sticking to her skin as the sweat started to build up. Her hardened nipples were also poking through, making them as clear to see as daylight. Almost as if on autopilot, Naruto reached up and cupped one of Ino's breasts through her dress. Ino smiled from watching him be mesmerised by her.

She was really getting into this. His cock had stretched her out so much and was setting her pussy and core on fire.

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He was reaching spots she never thought would be touched in there. He nodded.

Naruto chooses Hinata over Sakura and Ino making them Jealous - Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 3

You look so sexy. Ino squealed in surprised as Naruto flipped them over suddenly.

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Just like that, the friction and fullness were both gone from Ino as she lay underneath Naruto, leaving her pussy aching and frustrated. Ino was about to hit him when she caught sight of his cock. Thick, throbbing and leaking just a bit of precum.

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Just one touch and she was sure that it would blow. It was Naruto's turn to smirk now. He leaned down and captured Ino's lips with his own. She was reluctant at first but quickly fell back into the sweet joy of his lips even though she wanted nothing more than to be pounded hard into the mattress.

He must've had something planned. As they kissed, Naruto pulled the straps of Ino's dress off of her shoulders and further off her arms, which she allowed, before pulling her dress down to release her breasts. Naruto followed a similar suit to Ino from earlier and began kissing her jawline and further down along her collarbone. Ino moaned softly as his lips found her breasts and he started kissing them gently. Her sensitive mounds sent tiny signals of pleasure through her, just making her heat even worse.

"I guess I sort of felt like you were my backup, you know. If Sasuke never comes back I have you just sitting on the sidelines waiting for me. So when I saw you with Ino at the hospital I kind of-" Sakura paused as she heard Naruto start choking on some ramen. He managed to swallow it down with some difficulty and was breathing heavily. - | unleash Naruto smiled at Ino, she wasn't sure if he was giving a real smile or not, "Thanks Ino and who knows I will look around to see who I could possibly see myself with and maybe I can finally be happy." Sakura was a lost cause, she didn't want to be with him and he was over her then there was Ino, she wasn't dating. Naruto and ino dating - - Rich man looking for older man & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and seek you.

She gd slightly when she felt one of his hands start running along her thigh underneath her dress while his lips continued to tease her silky tits. Naruto finally looked up at her with a small smirk and rubbed his hand against her heated slit while flicking his tongue over her pink, rosy and hardened nipple. Naruto took the nipple in his mouth and sucked eagerly on her tit while two digits easily sank into her pussy. He wanted to smile at the moan he managed to elicit and continued sucking on her nipple, running his tongue over and around it and kissing it occasionally.

He switched breasts, giving the other one the same treatment with his mouth while slipping in a third finger and fucking her a little faster. Ino loved watching all of this. She began to rock her hips against his hand, aching for more friction from his fingers. She moaned louder when she felt his teeth bite down on her nipple right before it was lavished by his tongue.

He just smiled back before kissing her breasts again and continuing his trip down her body. It was Ino's turn to be surprised. Even as she lifted her bum so he could remove her dress from her body completely she was still a little puzzled. None of the boys that she fooled around with had ever offered to do this. They were almost averse to it. Yet sure enough, here Naruto was, head between her legs and running his tongue up her slit, making her shudder and moan in delight.

He returned his three fingers inside of her and used his tongue to go to work on her clit. Ino moaned and bit her lip as she watch Naruto go at it. His tongue circled her clit a number of times before his mouth completely covered it and sucked on it lightly, making Ino reach down and run her fingers through his hair. Her hips were also rocking now from Naruto's tongue, teasing and toying with her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her again and again.

With his free hand, Naruto reached up and fondled one of her breasts as well as he could, his thumb brushing over her erect nipple while he squeeze it firmly. Getting fucked felt good but Ino was definitely not expecting this. Lick my pussy Naruto! Her legs were shaking now and her body was starting to writhe. She didn't know how much longer she could control herself.

She was able to see Naruto's blue eyes looking right back up at her as he licked her clit. Then he pinched her nipple. Her body shook and pussy clenched tight around his fingers while her orgasm washed over her, enveloping her in pleasure. She coated Naruto's fingers with her cum and arched her back high before she came down. She was almost in disbelief. Ino just started at him for a moment before laughing.

Get back up here. Naruto crawled back up Ino's body to be welcomed by her arms around his neck and her lips against his.

- | unleash Naruto x Ino. Graphic smut. Lemon. Naruto groaned loudly as he felt his orgasm start with his cock down Ino's throat. His legs shook as cum shot out of his shaft and straight down her throat, his hand holding her head tightly on reflex and keeping her in position. Spurt after spurt of cum went straight past her. Naruto and Ino are dating due to some bad circumstances caused by a certain pinked-haired individual. NaruIno, NaruHarem. Minor Sakura bashing along the way, but she becomes part of the Harem. Lemon-free. Naruto and Ino have been dating for awhile but the problem is Naruto still hasn't told her that He's a Jinchuriki. So now he's planning on telling her but he doesn't know how or when to do Naruino/ One-sided Shikaino/ Kibahina.

They tenderly kissed each other for a little longer until Ino felt something prodding at her stomach. Ino broke the kiss and looked down at his cock, not as big as before but still clearly eager for some release. Look, I don't want you cumming inside me either so you better make me cum quickly and pull out before you do.

Ino looked at him with a raised eyebrow and smirked. And here I thought you had a thing for my boobs. Naruto gave Ino some room and she turned over, getting onto her hands and knees and wiggling her butt a little.

The longer you take the less sensitive I get. Naruto got up on his own knees and placed himself behind her, his hands feeling her ass once again tonight. He positioned his cock and slowly buried himself inside of her.

They both let out satisfied moans in unison but Ino spoke up. Yes, like that! There was no more pain. None of the bad pain anyway. Ino only felt the pleasurable kind of pain. The kind of pain like the stinging on your ass from the muscular thighs that are constantly slapping into you. That kind of pain. The sweet kind. Naruto reached with one hand and managed to find Ino's clit, instantly rubbing and teasing it. He was eager to get her to cum first, so any way of giving her more pleasure was a plus.

He could've sworn that Ino was clenching down on him on purpose with how tight she was feeling right now. He already felt himself building up to climax again. He reached with his other hand, hoping that the sensitivity of Ino's breasts would help and started groping one of them. Fuck me with that big cock! She was in ecstasy. The pleasure coming from her clit, her tits, her sensitive pussy. She was sure to cum soon. She felt it building. And it was all because of Naruto. Him and his big cock that was ramming into her tight pussy right now.

Oh fuck yes! Naruto I'm gonna The pleasure and sight were too much but he had to hold off. Her sweaty back arched and her hair flailed while she moaned in ecstasy. It was gonna drive him over the edge. So fucking gorgeous. So sexy. So hot. Cum for me. Cum for me you sexy little slut. Ino's orgasm hit her like a freight train and she screamed loud enough to show it.

Naruto felt her body shiver beneath him and her pussy squeeze him like a vice as she gushed all over his cock, having what was definitely the strongest climax of her life. Naruto barely managed to keep enough sense about him to pry his cock out of Ino as his own orgasm hit. Hot thick ropes of spunk rocketed out of his throbbing cock and coated Ino's back and ass. Warm cum kept landing on her smooth, glistening skin, covering her in Naruto's seed as he groaned uncontrollably. Ino allowed herself to collapse after her orgasm while Naruto stayed on his knees and looked at the sight of an exhausted and cum covered Ino.

Ino chuckled before giving Naruto a small kiss on the cheek and standing up, stretching when she did. Um, you could uh Ino made a face like she was thinking about it and shrugged.

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I'll think about. Lets see how lucky you are. Naruto sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

Follow/Fav We're not Dating right? By Ouch, that was uncalled for even from Ino. "I mean you've been dating Naruto for longer than I've been dating Sai." Wait what? "Wait what?" Why was her wine bottle empty already? Actually, that sounded like a good plan. Only maybe tone it down a little bit. Start it slow. Maybe just kiss him.

He spent the rest of the night thinking and dreaming about Ino. Sakura never even crossed his mind. Not even in the morning. Story Story Writer Forum Community. During a rare occasion of peace and quiet, Naruto decides to make another go at the love of his life.

Should he really let himself keep falling for her or should he let someone else help take his mind off what will never be? Naruto x Ino. Graphic smut.

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A little bit of love. They're right there. With me? Get lost or we will kick your ass. Naruto smiled at the leader and delivered a hard punch into his stomach and he slouched over and fell to the ground. The two other friends went to punch Naruto and he ducked and delivered a uppercut to one and then kicked the other square in the nose and they laid there groaning and bleeding and he walked back over to Ino, "That will hopefully take care of them for you Ino.

Ino smiled at him and hugged him, "Thanks Naruto, I was thinking about moving to get away from them. Naruto was surprised by her hug but put his arms around her and hugged her back, "Your welcome Ino, we are friends and I will always help you if you want my help. Ino released him from the hug and looked at him, he looked very handsome in the moonlight and she blushed as she looked away, "I will always appreciate your help Naruto, and if you ever need my help then I can help you. I am happy that you are going to try and get over Sakura, you will be a great catch for whoever snags you up.

Naruto smiled at Ino, she wasn't sure if he was giving a real smile or not, "Thanks Ino and who knows I will look around to see who I could possibly see myself with and maybe I can finally be happy. Ino smiled at the man as he walked away with his hands in his pockets as he looked up at the stars and sighed and looked back at Inos apartment and smiled, "Maybe Ino is someone I could be with Naruto sighed again as he walked down the streets of Konohagakure to his apartment, he had managed to depress himself even more.

Naruto laid down on his bed and though of all his friends to try and figure out if there was someone he could see himself with.

Naruto and ino start dating fanfiction

Hinata wasn't his type, to quiet, and she was happily engaged to his good friend Kiba; TenTen was a bit frustrating with all of her gossip and was dating Lee, although they were fighting a lot; Sakura was a lost cause, she didn't want to be with him and he was over her then there was Ino, she wasn't dating anyone since she stopped dating Shikamaru after he started to cheat on her with Temari.

Naruto thought about how he was able to talk to Ino about his issue earlier and he didn't have any issues talking to her but she was the most lusted for woman in Konohagakure, she wouldn't be interested in someone like him.

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Naruto sighed as he thought it was hopeless, he was either too late or not good enough and he rolled over in his bed and went to sleep. Naruto wasn't seen very much for about two weeks, he was getting over Sakura and he was plagued by thoughts of who he could ever even be with. Naruto couldn't even think of someone who would want to be with him, he was a monster after all and sighed, "I am going to die alone.

I would have liked to at least had the opportunity to try and make someone happy. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruto gave up on his dream of being with Sakura. He finds love with another, one Ino Yamanaka. See how they go through the struggles of a relationship and if they can overcome what they have to face.

Is what they have what others call true love? If it is, is it true that true love conquers all? Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto Chapter 1: The Accident Naruto Uzumaki was 18 years old now, he was a hero in every way to the village of Konohagakure but still Sakura Haruno wouldn't date him which frustrated him as he looked in his mirror. Chapter 1: The Accident 2. Chapter 2: The Mission 3.

Chapter 3: The Date 4. Chapter 4: The Explanation 5. Chapter 5: The Next Morning 6. Chapter 6: The Mistake 7. Chapter 7: The End? Chapter 8: The Fight 9. Chapter 9: The Second Attempt

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