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kickin'it fanfic love story part 1

I love this show and I'm a huge Kick shipper. Then I went note the wikia page for Kickin' It, and read a few things about season 3, and thus, this one-shot was born. So, I hope you all enjoy. It is just the two of them at the dojo, because they wanted to get in some extra workout time that they had missed due to reasons unknown to everyone but the two trash them. She just gives him a grin and then moves herself and and - to flip them so odor Jack's back is on the mat and Kim is the one pinning him down, "Who's the better one now? He kisses back as she jack his hands from hers and wraps her arms around his neck.

Something went wrong after jacks memory came back. The problem threatens his karate. Then more unexpected events occur. Will Jack make it through or will the worse happen. Don't worry Kick is definitely in my story. Probably could be rated k but it's rated T to be safe. Seaford High by melissdan reviews Takes place in the school years.

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Rated T to be safe. The Diary of Kim by Superpsych96 reviews Seventeen year old Kim Crawford hasn't had the easy life she has been pretending she has.

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Under her bubbly and tough exterior is a girl pushed to the limit, who finally snaps. When Kim runs away from home, she has to grow up quick and fight her demons to find who she really is, and who really matters to her, and who she really matters to.

the truth

The Chapter titles are suggested songs. Except Kim.


Can she figure out by talking to her best friend? Chapters rate from K to M; mostly T.

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Contains slash, if you don't like, don't read. New Jack by aww.

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He becomes hostile and soon becomes Kim's number one bully. Kim just wants the old Jack back and her friends just want to see Kim happy and healthy again. This story will feature Kick later in the story. Kickin' it with the Cousins by x. He is amazing. He is one of the most incredible, kind people Kim has ever met, and- And she still loves him.

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Kickin It At Camp by Justgowiththeflow reviews Jack and Kim are just average people and neither know karate or eachother. Kim goes to the same camp she always does to only find out that they are now allowing boys where before it was all girls Will Jack and Kim ever get along? With drama happening around every corner, anything can happen. Hope you like it; it is romantic. This is my first one and it is most likely a 3-shot.

Hey - jcrockits.comers! Here I am with chapter nine of Kickin It: Jack Down. Sorry it took so long, I just didn't have enough inspiration to write this, and I don't really want to write it when I don't have any inspiration. But, now I have enough inspiration to write chapter nine. I hope you enjoy it, and I'm sorry if . Trust (A Kickin' It Jack & Kim Fanfic) - Jack and Kim have deep feelings for each other but are too shy to confess. A boy tries to get to Olivia and harrasses Leo, even if Leo is a thrid degree black belt. And popular girls and boys hurt Olivia to have Leo to themselves. Kelly, in particul #jack #kickin #kimReviews: 8. I had the best dream ever; some is the dream some is stuff I made up! It is about Jack and Kim ditch practice to go on a date. I am putting it into a story based off of Kim's POV, Jack's POV, Jerry's POV, and 3rd POV. Hope you like it; it is romantic.

I was walking to the dogo, when a felt someone sneaking up on me. I turned around and punched the guy in the stomach and he landed on the ground, I then realized I punched Jack. Jack tried to say casually but still clutching his stomach in pain, " Sure we can! Maybe we can catch a movie after?

Kickin' It Jack and Kim - Moments From Two Dates And A Funeral (Part 1)

Wait a minute did she just ask me on a date, I want to say yes, but I had something planned for her. Jack grabbed her wrist, both ignoring the sparks and fireworks between them, running toward Little Tree Forest. He eventually let go once they got there; the forest didn't have many trees around, so it was mostly grassy.

Jack and Kim have met before but as Olivia Holt and Leo Howard, they want to be regular kids and living a normal life while still being a famous actress and actor. In their famous life they have to be dating for better what if that fake dating becomes real once they see each other as jack and Kim. - | unleash Secret. Jack: I was in the dojo, practicing with my bow staff, when Kim came in. "Hey, Kim." I said rushing towards her to give her a hug. Kim and I have been dating for about a week and still haven't told the guy's. We're afraid it will mess every thing up. Oh, and I can't stand blue cheese. Jack and Kim had a secret- they were dating for two months- but if they told anyone Let's say it wouldn't be pretty. Kim wanted to tell people, so they could finally stop being flirted to, asked out, or touched inappropriately (for Kim).

They had to jump over a lake, first was Jack then Kim. When Kim jumped over her hand brushed his hand against Jack's hand when he helped her by letting her grab his arm or wrist.

Kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

Once they were over Jack goy an idea to do something. He then intertwined their hands together, while looking at their hands.

I got so nervous, my hand started sweating and I didn't want Jack to make fun of me saying The Great Kim Crawford is nervous when I hold her hand.

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So I looked at our hands and jerked mine away. I don't know what, II was thinking" Jack said stuttering like he was nervous. I then took his hand back with mine and intertwined ours. I then started running again because he started running over to a secret park with a picnic, how romantic is Jack.

The dojo had emptied in less than five minutes, except for Jack and Kim. They looked at each other, mystified. "What just happened?" Jack asked. He had a very confused look on his face and kept glancing around. "It looks like we are all alone," Kim looked at Jack with a twinkle in her eyes. "Secret closet time?" Jack asked with a smile. Jack sighs, "Well, we're late because we were debating on trash to trash you guys now, or wait. Jack and Kim look at each other and then down kim their hands. They grab the others' hands in their own and interlock their fingers together. They both look back up at the group and smile. Rudy, Tape and Milton dating there, not moving at all. TV Shows: Kickin' It - archive with over 3, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans- | unleash your Jack and Kim are just average people and neither know karate or eachother. Kim goes to the same camp she always does to only find out that they are now allowing boys where before it was all.

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