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:Eng Sub: Aaron Yan interview after getting outed as gay

It sounds like a dime a dozen in TW-drama set ups but I love Aaron and Joanne has been awesome in her Marry Me or Not performance even if the character is a total slapworthy wench. Thanks for this one, SETTV, and please make the story and music worth getting these two together for. Aaron Yan was impressive in Just You. I hope this time he will have good chemistry with the female lead againPut this on my to-watch list. Our bromance fans are still mourning about the inevitability of the ending of the show.

I usually got on this blog and just followed whatever had been mentioned or recommended to watch. Then bang! I found it lots of fun to tag along with a rabid international as well as Chinese-speaking fan club through each episode of Bromance. Nonetheless, Bromance put me in different perspectives to look at same sex relationship.

So is this what Ms. On the other hand, I cringed at almost every minute of the overly exaggerating and frivolous storyline of MMON, specifically the scenes between the OTP. Just my personal preference and opinions. Thanks for your civilization. You are getting way too sensitive over an old post having different opinion.

I feel like some Bromance fans are overreacting. Anyways, looking forward to this drama. OK Be civilized.

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Were you one of those fans who recommended Bromance to me in another thread? Thank you. I was bored to death without anything interesting to watch. Imo, Bromance is the best gender bender drama out there so far.

Aaron and joanne dating

And I think many Bromance viewers agree with my prior point. Yes, you can go off-topic in this so-called democratic cyber world but not in a rude way. Btw, I do like Bromance and casually enjoy the cheese and its fun but some of the overly passionate fans are killing the fun.

Wait a minute! Koala and a regular reader of her blogs. Why is it not nice to mention another drama in an unrelated post? Is there a law or even unwritten rule demanding blog readers to avoid mentioning unrelated topics?

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You puzzle me much with your responses. Ppl have different tastes and opinions about drama. You can be critical of Bromance. I definitely will check this one out.

????????CP?Kiss Stories of Aaron Yan & Joanne Tseng

Unfortunately MMON is not in my favor. I agree that Fall in Love with Me wasmeh. Even Joanne Tseng did better after Dear Mom, she graces so many magazine covers and gained almost k fans on Facebook after Dear Mom. The popularity effect of Bromance has not really went to the leads This is more of the case where the drama is popular but the leads are so-so. CFs and fashion magazine covers are definitely the prove of popularity. If I could up vote your comment a million times I would. It was so much like a commercial I almost died.

The way SETTV extends their shows never endingly to drag it out just so they can make some more money out of a popular drama is just so mercinery it gets on my nerves, and people wonder why the Chinese-speaking drama watching community shifts to Kdrama instead.

Taste of Love went makjang and ugh. Plus, they currently have quality dramas like Back toBe With Me cinematography-wise. I thought was a pretty good year for Kdramas, although a lot of the good ones did come out concurrently like Pinnichio, Kill Me Heal Me and Healer. Although there was some pretty disappointing ones too. My problem with them though is while they always start strong with their dramas have disappointed me endlessly towards the last 4 or 5 episodes where the drama totally loses its direction and they just end up putting in a lot of scene fillers and fan service.

I agree with you that there is a resurge in Taiwanese dramas last year, and it does seem hopeful that they might be able to regain their viewership. I do hope that they do cause I really do miss the good old days, but another thing is they need to stop the talent drain to China, really miss the old faces like Arial Lin, Rainie Yang and Mike He.

Kill Me Heal Me was decent but not that passionate about it.

It was only till late of where addictive dramas start to pop out - Awl, Reply or Missing Noir M but that was in the mid year. Cable channels offer far more interesting stuffs. So yeah, aside from a few, most kdramas last year were boring.

I dropped it mid way. I like all three. Go princess go, marry me or not and bromance. Each show has its strengths; I am not looking for Oscar winning performances.

I want some laughter, some fun, some chemistry and some eye candies.

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And plus they have awesome ost. This is the first time I heard about Bromance.

Aaron and joanne dating - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Feb 06,   Top student Joanne finds her adult career going nowhere while class loser Aaron is now a high flying executive and becomes Joanne's boss. Now this is the right kind of potential bickering chemistry, and SETTV did it so well with Aaron and Puff Guo in Just You. I'm loving the drama styling for both leads as well, neither is decked out to. Aaron and joanne dating - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing can provide. Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places?

Is it really fun to watch? After watching a few episodes of some popular K dramas, I finally gave up because the plots made me feel so drowsy. Do you have any good recommendations? I like all of them, specifically NiF. If you liked NiF, you should try The Disguiser, pretty much the same cast, and the plot is amazing. Am I the only one who finds Joanne Tseng kind of boring as an actress? Everyone has their own taste and reacts to dramas differently.

the good fight

Just started to watch Bromance. And I fall in love with Megan Lai from the very start. Now I can remove Love me or not from my bookmark. This later drama is ridiculously exaggerating, overacting. Why Koala and some ppl are so doped about it?

Thanks drama! You will appreciate the smoking chemistry from our otp? Last show I really felt that way was coffee prince! Ahhh then we must have different tastes. As to Marry Me or Not, the entire cast appear to be too exaggerating and overacting for me. I watched a few episodes of Bromance yesterday and it intrigued me.

Megan Lai is amazing. The two K female leads in the two foregoing dramas looked really awkwardly embarrassing compared with Megan Lai. I actually flinched at their cross dressing. As you asked for recommendation, the tw drama i watched and liked are When i see you again, Bromance, Rock n Road, The Pursuit of Happiness, Once More Heartbeat, most of the above are fluffy romantic dramas.

Hi Ockoala, I love your blog and your writing. You are among my GREAT bloggers who stand shoulder to shoulder with thunderbird, girlfriday, javabeans and samsooki.

Why very reluctantly? It was insincere and the romantic in me could not accept that. To cut a long story short, I reluctantly abandoned MMON after episode 4, but with Bromance, by the end of ep 4, I was hopelessly in love.

It was Baron and the love story I fell in love with. He looked very average - average height and average looking. But boy have I been proven wrong. I will be his fan for life. Well, to each his own. I hope to chat with you in another drama that we both love. Lastly, I want to thank you for your dedication and contribution towards dramas. I might not agree with you, but I love you anyway. So well said. I agree with you on every point. Megan Lai is amazing cross-dressing as a man and the chemistry between her and Baron Chen is incredible.

How I felt about Damo then is how I feel about Bromance now. So much so, we fans over at Soompi have gathered to send Baron, Megan, other cast and crew a Valentine Day message.

So far, fans from over 50 countries have responded. If you would also like to to join in, please go to the above link for details. Thanks you Lucy Ng and drama for your comments!

Calvin Chen and Chrissie Chau are dating?

Welcome to the bromance ditch! I have watched it about 20 times already and the show is not even finished and this is the first time in my life I am watching live steaming and bought spop magazine!

I was a bit depressed after so many failing attempts to stick with several K dramas. Now Bromance is a cure. But I found them very different. C dramas are sometimes known for their black jokes and dark quips.

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GPG is also refreshing in terms of how wacky it is and how much the theme has challenged typical C drama storytelling. I watch dramas to get my overworking brain some rest, not to be bombarded with emotional trauma. Miss Koala must be so pleased, all the traffic you Bromance fans are bringing to this article about Aaron and Joanne, like how did this even started?

I started to watch Bromance yesterday because fans here raved about it. Then bingo! Bromance is a sweet surprise to my filler.

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Thanks to all the Bromance fans for recommending the treat. Drama, so glad you are enjoying Bromance. I also read quite a few blogs passionately reviewing and recommending Bromance to international drama fans.

Marnie and aaron dating

I see its popularity. Seriously, Megan Lai is amazing and Baron Chen is a badass with such incredible chemistry with his leading man or lady?

Jan 28,   The network has brought together Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng for Refresh Man (Chinese title ???????? which means Later Bloomer's Glorious Era), telling the story of two rivals since childhood who reunite after their fates have switched. Joanne was the successful student in school but finds herself failing at work in the real. Mar 18,   Aaron Yan (???) Girlfriend, Net Worth, Used Cars, Home, Family, Age, Aaron & Joanne moments at Refresh Man after party & Watch Together event ???? - Duration: Dec 08,   In recent years, Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen has successfully developed his side businesses such as a bakery shop, a hair salon and fashion store. With his successful career, Calvin's love life has also drawn attention from his fans. Six years ago, Calvin was rumoured to be dating Joanne Tseng after several collaborations.

Thanks for the information. It should be fun to read feedback from drama viewers.

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I will definitely look for this one! Plus I remembered in an interview, Aaron said that so far in his dramas, Joanne is an actress he has the most chemistry with. So looking forward to this! Aaron yan and puff when play new movie again. I hope drama new puff aaron any new. I have been a fan of hers since The Magicians of Love.

One of my favorite Taiwanese actress. Aaron is such a cutie.

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I think I remember they were originally gonna act in another drama but they both pulled out due to schedule conflicts. I hope this drama becomes a success even if the storyline is played out. Your email address will not be published.

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